AMC-1 Welder

The AMC-1 Welder was designed and built (in Moscow) at the base of the author of this site inventions. It has been patented in the majority of European countries and awarded by a silver medal at the biggest NEA Exhibition of the former USSR.

The AMC-1 Welder permits welding thin-walled (0,03 - 2,5 mm) structures made from steels, alloys based on titanium, nickel, copper, noble metals and composite metals except aluminium and its alloys. However we have a simple idea, how to supply this set by such possibilities.

The welder is intended for welding thin-wall housing, membrane structures, bellows, glass-melting devices, diffusion filters, fuel elements - the so-called fuel cells, and other things used in instrument and chemical engineering, electronics, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, aircraft and automobile industries, electrical engineering.

Among the main advantages of AMC-1 welder are its possibilities to produce edge and flanged butt welds with gaps and shifts exceeding their width – without filler material usage - like it has been shown in our unique innovations, as well as high quality welding of horizontal flange seams of vertical plane with gaps and displacements of edges. Now we do not mention our patents, inventions, ideas which brought us to these achievements, but we can only underline here that their background is our pioneer usage of some original strategic steps for the monolite, good quality weld formation. These steps include our novel proposal - to make easier coupling of two drops or separated portions of melted metal in order to garantee the best conditions while they have to be put together. With such aims we reduce to minimum the welding current and, naturally, the forces which can prevent such coupling, - indeed, at the very moment drops touching. So, at this moment the surface tension forces of melted metal provide the best conditions of liquid metal gathering. After it we increase the welding current amplitude up to 2-3 times, then reducing it when the weld reaches the needed cross section and optimal form. As the result, the shape of proposed by us welding current impulse has a form comparable to that of "two-humped camel", whereby the second hump is higher than the first one sometimes up to 200%. We are glad to see the similar modulated current usage in the LINCOLN STT welding technology (

It also well suited for research work and has such advantages:

As we know, the American set "USA DT-100 Weld Programmer" has been developed under the influence of the AMC-1 welding set.

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